Create a Statement in Your Bathroom With The Latest Bathroom Accessories

Today, medicine cabinets are highly functional products – yes, they now have fog-proof mirrors – that are as much a statement about the bathroom as are vanities or bathtubs. Gone are the days when the only derivation from the typical metal medicine cabinet was one with three plain doors wrapped in chrome trim instead of one. In fact, medicine cabinets reflect, and sometimes even determine, the style of the bathroom as much as any furniture or artwork might.

Some are so unique and contemporary they look more of wall sculptures than tools for organising toiletries. When designing a bathroom, you can choose a medicine cabinet that stands out in the same way a piece of art does. With that in mind, you do not always put the cabinet in its traditional place above the sink. For instance, it is sometimes more eye-catching to hang a modern, stainless steel medicine cabinet favourite above the toilet.

Just as a stainless steel cabinet will bring cohesion to a modern bathroom, a cabinet with a mahogany or antique gold frame will finish off a bathroom that desires a Victorian look. And that’s the beauty of medicine cabinets these days: There are hundreds of styles, sizes and even shapes – from oval to rectangular – to discover.

The functionality of a medicine cabinet has also evolved. They’ve become just about anything but a cabinet for medicine, they are more like pieces of furniture. Some people even put them in their bars to hold glassware

Built-in electrical outlets are also popular for those who want to store their hairdryer or electric razor in the cabinet, you can appreciate having your bathroom appliances within easy reach, especially when you are in a hurry to get out the door in the morning.

Built-in medicine cabinets with at least 6 inches of depth and built-in electrical outlets allow people to store grooming appliances and toiletries at eye-level and give greater design flexibility with the sink area. Consumers are no longer locked into the traditional bath vanity cabinet-counter-sink set-up, where access to basic items requires bending, and blow dryers and tooth brushes are often left out, creating visual clutter.

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