Discount Hot Tubs Direct Buy Directly From The Factory And Save Big

In a world that is dominated by foreign made products and outsourced customer service agents, it is hard to find reputable homemade spa brands as well as the service and support that you require as a consumer. Many people rely on store front retailers when purchasing their hot tubs, but at what cost? It may not be readily apparent, but you are selling yourself short when you don’t direct from the manufacturer. The internet has changed the way we sell and purchase items and has linked us to manufacturers with ease. So what are the benefits to buying a spa directly from a manufacturer? The answer is – many!

When you purchase a spa from a manufacturer, you are paying wholesale prices. That means no ugly retail mark ups (that are for the benefit of the retailer and not the consumer), no pushy salesmen who are vying for commission and aren’t well versed on the product, and no searching for answers when you are making a vital decision. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a product, you deserve to be treated well and be provided with the best product for a reasonable price. When purchasing through the factory, you are paying one price – no surprise fees or added costs. That is discount hot tubs directly from the factory -usually with free shipping too!

We all know how retail works – people are hired, trained in a few short shifts and sent out to help you as quickly as they can. This means that there are some individuals who are barely versed on the product who are trying to help you with a relatively large purchase. Not all of them know the products well and this means that you are left in the dark about what you are paying for. The manufacturers are the ones who produce the product, and you can be sure that their support team is prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your potential spa. They are not trying to make a cut off the sale – their sole purpose is to assist you in making the right decision and getting a happy client. The support team is available through the phone or a live chat support, meaning you can expect customer service when you need it – even if it is at your computer desk.

You also get more options online. You can pick from all the colors available, and customize your spa. Perhaps you want LED lights, a stereo system or ozonator? Get the added features you want -not just the ones that happen to be on showroom models.

Retail stores get their products from the manufacturer and that means spare parts as well. Not all merchants can carry all the parts you need for every product, which inevitably will have you on a wild goose chase to find what you need. When you purchase a spa through a factory, they have all the parts you need, readily available. Why go through the stress of trying to find parts when you can simply refer to the manufacturer and replace or add what you need in moments?

Another benefit to purchasing your spa through a manufacturer is the seemingly unlimited resources you need to make a decision. Not only does the company have full information on all their products, but it can serve as a library of knowledge on a variety of spa services and maintenance. Whether you are interested in accessories and their purposes, how to clean your water more effectively, or which chemicals or salt system is best to serve your economical needs – you can be sure that the company who produces the product will know the best of the best.

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