The Frameless Shower Enclosure – The Perfect Bathroom Solution

Bathroom designs are complimented by a minimalistic and moderate concept with a seamless, uncomplicated makeover. A frameless shower enclosure is the ideal bathing solution to achieve this goal and is fast becoming the latest home improvement initiative. The frameless shower enclosure differs from the more conventional framed shower enclosures by being manufactured completely from glass panels without the use of any metal framework. The glass panels are fused together by the use of strong waterproof adhesive.

The frameless shower enclosure is a very durable and rugged product that belies its fragile and delicate appearance. The enclosures are constructed from panels that can be as thick as 13mm giving the units added strength.

The bathroom is probably the most used area within a normal family household and the importance of keeping it clean and tidy cannot be overstated. The frameless shower enclosure can not only offer a pleasing and conceptual addition to the bathroom, it is also extremely easy to keep clean, ensuring your family’s bathing and showering is done in an environment that is not only relaxing , but also a safe and free of any germs.

Conventional shower enclosures that comprise of a frame tend to attract mold and mildew where the frame is in contact with the panels, this has the effect of weakening the glass and can corrode the metallic framework. The frameless shower enclosure will not have this problem as it does not have any channels for the soap and other solutions to get trapped behind. The fact that the panels are seamless allows for much easier cleaning, maintaining a clear and hygienic surface at all times.

The frameless shower enclosure has all the benefits of a conventional unit, i.e. water resistance and longevity with the added benefit that the extra thickness of the glass paneling adds an extra sturdiness to the unit. A well built frameless shower enclosure will be be fitted with non-corrosive heavy duty hinges, which will extremely strong and very hard to damage. The panels of the enclosure will also be treated by the manufacturers, but the application of a water guard will further enhance the aesthetics of the unit and help repel any unwanted grime or mold.

The frameless shower enclosure can be a very attractive focal point to your bathroom with the added benefit of giving the illusion of more space. The glass panels can be plain, patterned or even colored. The flexibility of the frameless shower enclosure ensures that it will fit seamlessly into any bathroom no matter what its decor is like. Some homeowners will have the panels etched, with their family coat of arms or favorite football team or pop band etc. The only limitation to the shower enclosures concept and design is the homeowner’s imagination and budget.

If you are considering a makeover of your bathroom and would like a stunning focal point to your room, consider the option of installing a frameless shower enclosure, whatever your tastes are in home improvement and furnishing, you will have no problem in finding a shower unit that will fit in seamlessly into your home.

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