Tips For Installing Island Escape Spa Hot Tubs

If you have to install a hot tub or a spa, you should have proper planning and setting priorities. According to the specialists, you should first consider your budget and the reason for using your tub. Moreover you should weigh up its preferred location, plumbing, electrical codes, site preparation and also the maintenance cost. Many websites recommend that the installation work should be carried out by a licensed professional.

It’s true that a professional spa installation is an option for Island Escape spa. However you can also carry out this project on your own. In order to make this project successful, there should be a solid base to hinge on. It is simply because of the fact that the Escape Spa can weigh up to 3000 pounds when filled with water. Its bottom should be made with crushed rock or it should have a concrete slab. You can install the tub at the ground level but you should look into the fact that it has a proper drainage system. Let’s check out the tips for installing Escape Spa Hot Tub.

Move Island Escape spa on a concrete slab

Try to move this spa on a concrete slab or a base of crushed rock. Keep in mind that the enormous weight of the empty tub. Therefore you must have several helpers to assist you in moving the spa and keeping it in the right position. You should place your spa properly in order that you can get easy access to its steps.

Appoint an electrician for wiring

You should also try to appoint an electrician for wiring your spa. You can undertake the wiring job on your own but most of the people take the help of licensed electricians in this regard. If you take the help of an electrician you can keep your building up to the code of your area. The wiring system should run through Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It helps to shut off the power automatically even if there is a chance of water coming in contact with an electrical part.

Attach a garden pipe

You have to attach a garden pipe to a nearest water valve and then run the pipe into your Escape spa. You should also fill your hot tub with water.

Switch on the spa heater

You should also turn on the heater of your spa. Allow the water of your tub to get heated to 80 degrees. It is because the chemicals get easily dissolve at such a temperature.

Place in a chemical testing strip

You have to place in a chemical test strip into the water of your tub for checking its pH levels. Remember that the safe level ranges from 7.6 to 8.2. You can also add a suitable pH balancing agent for enhancing or lowering the pH. The best option will be to follow the recommendations of your manufacturer. You have to continue testing till your hot water tub is in the safe range. Never try to keep water outside the safety level as it can burn your eyes and result in skin irritations.

Mix a cap of stain control product

You should also not forget to mix a cap of stain control product as well as a cap of the spa water purifier. This will prevent water stains in your tub.

Place chlorine dispenser in the tub

You have to fill up the chlorine dispenser with tablets and place it in your tub. You should use chlorine testing strips for ensuring that enough chlorine is in your tub water for sanitizing it. If you want you can also add spa shock. This will help to raise your chlorine level if a good number of people are using your spa.

Check out these tips and get utmost relaxation from your Escape Spa Hot Tub.

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